Competitive Insight and Market Intelligence Platform

A new intelligence platform to keep you ahead of the game.

IQBlade is a game-changing web platform to help businesses thrive in today's ultra-competitive markets. Gain real-time insight into your competitors, business partners and customers to give you tangible competitive advantage.

IQBlade delivers competitive insight to accelerate your business growth

We give you unrivalled insight into your competitive market position all presented in one integrated dashboard. Helping you to make better strategic decisions and more quickly than before.

Key Features

Financial Benchmarking

Visualise financial performance against your competitors across 82 fiscal metrics

Social Media Analysis

Automated weekly competitive performance analysis social media report

News Alerts & Insight

Automated tracking and notification of contextualised news stories relating to your competitors, partners and clients.

Partner Search

Identify the right partners for your organisation through the intelligent search function and performance analysis.

Public Sector Growth

Spot sales opportunities from future, current and previous Public Sector projects.

Why IQBlade?

Until now, Competitive Insight and Market Intelligence were largely the preserve of big companies.

IQBlade removes the barriers to entry, enabling organisations of all sizes, in all sectors to understand how they are performing relative to their peers, identify areas of improvement, make smarter, data-driven decisions and achieve more, quicker.

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IQBlade enables organisations of all shapes and sizes to analyse the market, benchmark their performance against their peers and make smarter decisions.

We have then developed specific functionality to bring additional value to IT Channels and Local Government and we’re already thinking ahead to the next sectors that we can revolutionise!

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Our Team

We’re a group of Software Developers, Data Geeks and Channel Development Experts, complemented by subject matter experts on Data Algorithms from Liverpool University and International Accounting from Salford Business School. We want to delight you with our service quality standards, levels of security and business insight.

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