IQBlade offers four key solutions

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Demand Generation as a Service

Design a bespoke multi-channel marketing plan and launch a series of measurable experiments and marketing campaigns to generate demand from your datasets. Continually optimise and A/B test the campaign to drive results and refine the proposition and channel mix ultimately delivering demand generation leads for sales and marketing teams.

  • Overview

    To ensure you are putting your data to work, we will create a multi channel plan consisting of targeted communications and content.
  • Key questions

    • Would you like to run a series of digital experiments to test your marketing message, mix and ROI?

    • Would you like to create an agile campaign plan that is data driven?

    • Would you like to use your data to test new marketing channels and product propositions at speed?

  • What will I get?

    • A workshop to uncover your marketing status and lead criteria formula for demand generation.

    • A dashboard to monitor results and weekly narrative provided in the form of a report.

    • Creation of a multi channel marketing plan bespoke to your business which will provide.

    • Recommendations for your marketing team.

    • Warm lead criteria approved, with testbed campaigns designed and agreed.

  • Getting started

    1. Fill out our quick and easy ‘kick off’ form.

    2. We’ll process your request and agree a time to talk through the approach.

“The speed with which we identified leads after receiving the first profiles was staggering. The quality of the data and insight provided by IQBlade was outstanding.”