IQBlade offers four key solutions

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Identify More Prospects

Open up a marketplace for new solutions by creating datasets to run end user campaigns with real time insight, through partners, or directly. Use installed base, propensity data and IQBlade to create powerful end to end campaigns with your partners, or directly. Launch new products and grow your user base intelligently with the right datasets.

  • Overview

    End user acquisition is the holy grail of channel growth and the IQBlade solution for finding and targeting new end users is seamless.

  • Key questions

    • Would you like a robust, actionable, and insight-led roadmap in place for end-user acquisition?

    • Would you like to target growth and find new companies to target?

    • Would you like better data about your end users so you can engage them more effectively?

  • What will I get?

    • A data insights and recommendations report for targeting new end user markets.

    • Automated ‘live’ demand generation data.

    • A set of demand generation recommendations for your organisation’s or partners’ marketing teams.

  • Getting started

    1. Fill out our quick and easy online form.

    2. We’ll process your request and agree a time to talk through the approach.

    3. We’ll create an action plan.

“The speed with which we identified leads after receiving the first profiles was staggering. The quality of the data and insight provided by IQBlade was outstanding.”