IQBlade offers four key solutions

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Key Sector Analysis

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  • Scope

    IQBlade provides insight and analysis to map out key industrial sectors for local and regional government. This data can be used to analyse business growth, attract inward investment and identify companies who would benefit from additional support.
  • Users

    Business growth teams within Councils or LEPs, Chambers of Commerce, Council Leaders, Change Consultants.
  • Scenario

    A Local Enterprise Partnership wanted to map out the Advanced Manufacturing sector within a set geography. They knew that existing sources of data were often unreliable and relied on old SIC code information
  • Solution

    IQBlade was able to identify a large cohort of organisations that might have been in scope. By aggregating and comparing data sets from multiple sources we were able to quickly qualify which companies fit our pre-defined profile and then enhance the data set that we presented to the client. As a result, the LEP were able to identify interesting companies who they hadn’t previously met and create a new focus list for their development team to ensure that the region maximised growth potential from across the sector.