IQBlade offers four key solutions

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Optimise your channel

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  • Scope

    IQBlade provides vendors with an independent view of their existing channel partners’ performance and enables them to focus resources more effectively by segmenting and identifying partners that are likely to demonstrate strong future growth.
  • Users

    Channel Leaders, including Channel Directors, VP’s and Marketing Directors.
  • Scenario

    A Global Software Vendor wanted to analyse their existing partners and identify those it thought capable of taking their Cloud based solutions to market more effectively. With limited channel resources available it was important to identify which partners they should focus on.
  • Solution

    IQBlade analysed over 140,000 pieces of data and identified the partners that were most effective at taking the Client’s message to market. The analysis proved invaluable as it identified some lesser known partners who were extremely loyal and who should be capable of strong growth if provided with the right support.

Next Steps

The channel optimisation project has enabled the Vendor to identify groups of partners to develop. The data from these development partners can now be used by IQBlade to identify recruitment targets from outside their existing channel community.