IQBlade offers four key solutions

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Recruiting High Potential Partners

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  • Scope

    IQBlade provides Vendors and Distributors with the means to identify and recruit their ideal channel partners. By using IQBlade’s data to quickly and easily identify the best channel organisations, they can significantly enhance the recruitment process, tune their message and target those partners who are ideally placed to enjoy high growth together.
  • Users

    Channel Leaders, including Channel Directors, VP’s, and Marketing Directors.
  • Scenario

    A Global Distributor has been tasked with identifying and recruiting high growth ISV’s who use a specific hosting platform.
  • Solution

    IQBlade contains details of UK based ISVs and was able to identify which were using the named hosting platform from a UK Data Centre. By combining this with financial data and analysis of their marketing capabilities, IQBlade was able to narrow the target audience down to the best cohort and then provide digital profiles for key personnel within the relevant results. The distributor was then able to tailor account-based messages to each ISV prospect for maximum effect.